Our goal at Remember That! Estate Sales is to "Make It Happen For You!"

For a non-professional, facing the sale of a large amount of personal items can be overwhelming, time-consuming, costly, and unpredictable.  Asking "What should I price my items?", "Will I get rid of everything?", "Will I make the money that I should?", and "Will enough of the right buyers show up?", satisfied clients turn to Gina Pleshar of Remember That!

Gina has a passion for conducting your estate sale in an orderly, controlled, safe, and profitable manner.  She can turn a disorganized, random houseful of build-up into a nicely displayed, advertised, and fully managed sale with profit and a final accounting statement.

Ten years ago, Gina found her interest in the buying & selling of antiques, collectibles, and vintage merchandise at her first farm auction.  After attending many local estate sales, she met someone who would become her friend and mentor, learning from her 20 years of experience in conducted estate sales and home appraisals.  Working on all components of the sale, Gina spent countless hours going on sales calls, home appraisals, contents buyouts, and estate sales.  She consumed herself with the setup, researching, and pricing.  She also spent a lot of time buying , selling, and pricing  vintage costume and estate jewelry.  She opened Remember That! which sold products at online auctions.  Gina spent about 3 more years working and learning the brick and mortar business, and launched Remember That! Estate Sales in 2006.  She and her staff are recognizable by there name tags at all Remember That!  sales.

Let Gina and her team Remember That! help you at your next sale, or come to one of our sales soon, and Remember That!


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Our goal at Remember That! Estate Sales is to "Make It Happen For You!"